What is Dominoes?

Step by Step Dominoes Set Brief


What is Dominoes?

A domino is known as a family game that is played with a gaming tile piece. Each tile contains a rectangular shape which is divided into two square ends. Each end of the tile consists of several spots or blank. The backs of the tiles include distinguishable sets either having a common design or blank. These gaming pieces or tiles makeup dominoes or sometimes called a deck or a pack.

Variety numbers of Domino games are played all over the world. There are most two common games the ‘Standard’ and the ‘Draw’ which are mostly played in the west. The ‘Standard’ or ‘Double Six’ games can be played with the domino set that comprises 28 tiles. They can be also played with a double-nine or double-twelve set. In the British pub, this game is played by the four people who make two groups consisting of two people for each group.

They have to sit opposite each other and play. This game is also popular in the USA. Rules for playing with 5 people and more will be also given here.

Double 6 Domino Set

About Your Double 6 Domino Set

The set of the Domino generally consists of twenty eight (28) domino. There are 7 doubles (same number on both ends from double blank to double six) and 21 single (di­fferent numbers on both ends or a number and a blank).

MATCHING CONCEPT: Generally the basic of the Domino game is to lay down a domino next to the other domino to make the adjacent domino making match each other’s number. A blank domino can be played next to any numbered domino.
Draw first, play first rule; there are many variations on how to start play, but here is a popular version. Turn the domino upside down on the table and show them in circles with the flat of the hand. Each player then draws all the dominoes needed to start play. Each player places the domino on their edge with the back facing the other players so they cannot see which dominoes their opponents are holding.

The first person to play is the person holding the double-six domino. If no one has the double-six, then the person with the double-five and so on plays first. In the rare event that no one draws a double; all dominos are placed upside down on the table, showed and then drawn again.
The Block Game

Generally, dominoes are shuffled face down by the players with familiar sounds in a circle with the flat of the hand. This is a well-known game down the countries. Each player has to draw and place six dominoes so that the other players cannot see their value by chance. In the traditional English pub method, players face down the dominoes in two rows of three.

It helps them to pick up six with both hands and also looked at and turned to leave the other hand immediately free so that they can drink a pint which is an equally important business. Beginners can place them facing in a row on their edge. The remaining dominoes are turned into ‘sleeping’ dominoes themselves.

The person who will play first has to hold the double six or he will fail the double five and so on. The player must take the double tile and take the first turn as permitted by the player himself. If no player will be able to hold a double then the tiles will be reshuffled and redrawn by the players. This is the process that is abided by the player unless anyone among them holds double tiles.

The Play: According to this variation, each player has to shuffle tiles onto the table in turn. The tiles should be shuffled in a position so that each tile touches one end of the other tiles as a domino chain. This chain must be gradually increased in a length itself by shuffling each tile one by one. A player will play only one tile that will show a number at one end of the domino chain.

If a tile from a domino player will show the same result as the tile show end of the chain that player will be said as ‘stitched up’ the ends. This generally involves the number that useful to the player and distasteful to the opponents.

A small part of entertainment is provided by the way when the tiles are shuffled or placed on the table. Players try to place each end of the tiles in a position so that to matching ends can be adjacent anyway. The tiles can take the position of a square in any of the given three directions.

This can happen only when the two matching sides are touching each other fully. Generally, doubles are always shuffled to place them accordingly perpendicular to the double touching at the middle. The overall domino chain takes the gesture of a snake as it increases gradually with the tiles thrown by the players. This snake line is developed randomly according to the whims of the players and also with the limitations of the playing surface.

If a player already laid a domino on the surface he must play the game. Otherwise, the player will be ‘knocks’ and raps the table or be played passes to the next player. In the same manner, the opposite player will try to note the mental note of the numbers that are currently available on the table. He will bound to ensure that the number will be available in the future till the end.

After the first tile is played; each player in his turn lays down a single domino according to the rules of the game being played. The game precedes them to be around the table clockwise. When a player has an eligible domino to play he must have to play it when his turn comes. No one is allowed to hold back a domino that is eligible to be played.

GAME #1: Numbers of players: 2 to 4 – The Objective: Get rid of all the dominoes in your hand.

SETUP: When playing with two players, each player draws 7 dominoes after the shu‑le. When playing with three or four players, each player draws 5 dominoes. The remaining dominoes stay face down on the table, these remaining dominoes are called the boneyard. The object of “Block” is simply to get rid of all the dominoes you hold. The player becomes the winner who does this first.

If one of the players does not have anything to play then he has to pass the turn and gets blocked. He cannot draw from the boneyard. Play continues around the table until one player places his last domino or no players can make a play. Dominos must be played on the open ends as shown below

Before starting, you need to analyze the factor depending on how long you want to play the game, you need to set a number (say 100 or 200) and the first player who has to reach that targeted total score will win the game. You accumulate points with each hand and the game ends when one player reaches the agreed-upon number. One player wins the hand by placing his last domino.

At this time this will be called ‘Domino’. Next, the other players have to turn all the remaining domino in their hands and these dots of the domino need to be counted frequently. The total of the dots on the un-played domino of the other players in the score for the winning player for that hand. If all players still have domino in their hands, but none of them can make any play, all players turn their domino face up and count the total number of dots.

The player with the lowest number of dots wins the hand and his score is equal to the total number of dots on his opponents’ un-played dominoes minus the number of dots on the dominoes he is holding.

TIE BREAKER In case of a tie, the player holding the single domino with the lowest total count is the winner.
GAME #2: DRAW – Numbers of players: 2 to 4 – The Objective: Get rid of all the dominoes in your hand

SETUP: “Draw” is the name of another variation of “Block.” Most of the rules are almost the same but when a player does not get to play and place a domino he needs to draw dominoes from the boneyard. This will continue until he does not get one domino that is eligible to be played. All the rest of the game remains the same.

LIMITATIONS: In a 2 player game, the last two dominoes in the boneyard may not be drawn and in a 3 or 4-player game, the very last domino in the boneyard may not be drawn. The system for setup and scoring is almost the same in the ‘block’. The strategy that can be followed for both ‘block’ and ‘draw’ is based on the domino that are in the player’s hand.The setup and scoring are all the same as in “Block.” STRATEGY for “Block” and “Draw” look at the domino you hold and try to play them in such a way as to set yourself up for plays on your next turn. If you have lots of 2s, try to play a 2 so you will be able to match it the next time around (if someone else doesn’t get to it first).

Since you know all the domino in the double 6 set, you can deduce what dominoes your opponents might be holding by observing which dominoes have been played and which you hold in your hand.

GAME #3: MUGGINS – Number of players: 2-4. If 4 players are playing together they can play separately themselves or they can also create a team, each team contains 2 players at all. The main objective to be divided into teams is to outscore the opponent team. One team will be able to add up the score by adding the dominoes in the board count at the end of the layout after each turn of the team. For Instance; SETUP Turn all domino face down and mix them.

Each player or team has to draw 5 dominoes in a way to set them up so the other players or team cannot be able to see them. According to the strategy of the ‘Block’ game, the dominoes must have to be played in the manner in which their ends should match. So in ‘Block’, no player is allowed to play on the ends of a double if it is already placed once. This process keeps continues clockwise around the table.

SCORING DURING PLAY: A player scores by having the ends of the layout add up to a multiple of 5. If the ends add up to 5, the player scores 1 point. If the ends add up to 10, the player scores 2 points. Scoring follows this logic, where if the ends add up to 15, the player scores 3 points (see diagram on the back for examples).

Count the score after each play. The game has a scorekeeper who is always aware of noting the score after any player makes a score by placing a domino. A cribbage board is also used to count down the running score.

NOTE: The open ends of the double 5 shown above are not counted. A double can be counted only when it is from the end of a line of the play. When a player is not able to place a domino he is allowed to draw it from a boneyard unless he is making a play. When two people are playing the game all but two of the dominoes can be fraction from the boneyard.

In the case of play with 3 or 4 people all but only one domino can be drawn from the boneyard. When the first player used all his dominoes in hand, he calls ending the hands. If any player cannot play his last domino and the boneyard already has been depleted down to one or two dominoes, this is also called the hand is over

Scoring at The End of Hand

Scoring at The End of Hand

When the hand is over, the player (or team) with the lowest number of dots on their remaining dominoes receives additional points based on the number of dots in the opponent’s hands. The winner will receive one point for every 5 dots multiple that will be in the opponent’s hand.

In the case of counting 1 or 2 above a multiple of 5, there will be no additional score at all. But for the above count of 3 or 4, a multiple of 5 will be counted which is round up to the nearest 5. For example: ENDING THE GAME The first player or team to reach 61 points wins the game. NOTE ABOUT PLAYING DOMINO The three games listed above are the most popular domino games, but there are more ways to play dominoes and hundreds of variations.

Feel free to use Edge Dominos to play any double-six domino game or variation you wish. www.fireroad.us – Opponents dot count is 5, score 1 – Opponents dot count is 7, score 1 – Opponents dot count is 8, score 2 – Opponents dot count is 12, score 2 – Opponents dot count is 18, score 4

kids Dominoes playing EndGame

End Game

Generally, Domino play gets stopped when one player becomes out or chip and is called ‘Chips Out’. But according to some variations of play the game requires both partners to be chipped out. The players are declared winners as a partner when the point reached the highest point where no player could reach.

The winners are the partners whose combined numbers of all spots on their remaining dominoes are the least to be counted. For scoring more some pubs can play a point per game. Another interesting method that can be followed that using a cribbage board. The winners score the sum of all the spots on the tile or losers that are remaining.

This is the process of the game that will not result from anyone’s chipping out. The winner will receive the difference between the spots collected from the winner and spots collected from the loser’s total post. This game can be also played to 100 points or on a cribbage board for 121 points.

Variations of Domino Game

Variations of Domino Game

Two people also can play this game in the same way with the same procedure. According to the rules, this variation of the game will be started with 8 tiles, if there are three players then there must be 6 tiles. In the case of 5 people, there will be 5 tiles and with 4 players there will be no partnership at all.

The same game can be also played by the people with a double-twelve set that includes 91 tiles or a double-nine set that includes 55 tiles of domino set. When players play with the double-twelve set they are preferred to pick 12 tiles each and nine tiles will be taken by them at the start of the game.

Dominoes Set BUY

Dominoes Set Buying

Size: Domino comes in all types of shapes and sizes. You have to consider your game space for which you are going to play and they buy the one that is best for you.
Storage: you may consider the storage or box as an important part if you want to keep safe your domino when you are not playing or however they are not being used.
Use: you are free to choose the one according to your wish. For instance, if you want to play professionally then purchasing a tournament box of dominoes will be the best decision.

Best Games Among the Dominoes

Best Games Among the Dominoes

Spin Master Games Double Fifteen Domino: This tin contains 136 jumbo-sized color dot dominoes. The bright dots make it easier to play the game. The set includes everything needed to play Mexican Train, and the starter piece enhances gameplay. When finished, simply clean up and store in the sturdy, collectible tin.

Best for Professionals: #450 Alex Cramer Travel Domino Set: This set is the best for professional tournament players. The domino is the official competition size and weight and include 28 indestructible, ivory-looking double-six dominoes. The corners are smoothly rounded and have gleaming black dots. The set comes in an artisan-crafted and stitched leather case, with black velvet lining and brass magnetic latches for secure closing.

Best for Kids: Award-Winning Hape Dynamo Kid’s Wooden Domino Set: This set is an excellent choice for endless domino racing fun to encourage and engage kids in their early STEM development. The Dynamo dominoes encourage children’s spatial thinking abilities, color recognition, and above all, fun.

The set includes a bridge, bell, and assorted tricks to add fun to the domino racing game. The wooden domino pieces are finished with non-toxic paint that will not fade and is safe for kids.
Also Great: Yellow Mountain Imports 28 Tiles Double 6

Domino: A beautiful set, this box of dominoes comes with 28 double and six jumbo tournament dominoes inside a classic oak wood case. The tiles of this play are painted and etched with pips or blocks that look traditional. The tiles are reminiscent of old-fashioned tiles and are certified with a consumer safety aware.

Disadvantages of Domino

Disadvantages of Domino’s Game

Domino is an ideal game for playing with both kids and family members. This game helps to bring the whole family together. Having the bright sides this game also has some negative impact on people. You have to consider these factors while playing Domino at all.
Time-consuming: This Domino is a very time-consuming game. When you sit to play this game ensure that you have enough time to spend on finishing it. The game keeps continuing unless one team gets everything lost in the game. You have to waste a lot of time playing this game. Sometimes you may have some emergency tasks to be done within a short period but you are in-game.

In that case, you will be confused about whether you will prioritize the game or your task. In the case of children, they spend so much time playing Domino. This is not good for them as they also need to study. But sometimes they ignore study to play the game. This game is also harmful to people who are old aged. As this game needs so much effort to be played it may affect their brain a lot. Sometimes they take the game so seriously and get physically and mentally injured.

Bad habit: Domino is known as a classy game that bears tradition. People play this game with their family and friends. This is good enough for indoor playing games. But sometimes it can be considered as the worst if this game brings negativity to you. People play Domino for recreation or spending leisure time with their family.

But some people play this game as gambling or earning money. This is illegal and considered the worst gaming option. Domino that is played with cards most of the time found gambling. This is forbidden. Most of the people playing Domino as gambling lost everything they have. This impacts their economic condition.

Strategies for Playing Domino Game

Strategies for Playing Domino Game

Domino game is all about strategy and tactics. You have to follow or make your own to be a winner in the game. Here we are giving tips and strategies for winning a Domino game.
Some Domino game involves mechanical gameplay that pretty much depends on luck as they are fairly played. But there are also many Domino games where you need to use tactics and strategies to be a winner and these make the difference between winning and losing a domino game. The tiles that you shuffle or draw on the table depend on luck.

But the way you play them can only make the difference in the game result. This is natural that a skillful player has more chances to win the game rather than the chances of an unskilled player.
General Domino Gameplays Tips and strategy: If you want to be the winner then first you need to follow the strategy and the rules for playing the Domino game. You may have the basic idea of playing Domino but you need to know the strategy that will help you to win the game.

You have to know what type of Domino game you are playing. After playing a few rounds of Domino play you will have minimum knowledge on the moves for the play. You have to be familiar with the tiles and the type of Domino set that is used in the game. When you know the particular tiles you will be benefited you to choose the right tile. It will also help you to work out the possible tiles in the hands of other players.

It is a smart idea to play the doubles at the very beginning to get-go. You may get fewer opportunities with doubles to play as they have the same value on both sides. It’s better to use them early as possible. You have to do so as doubles get stuck sometimes. The next strategy is to use your heaviest tiles first. This is impossible to know who will own the game at the end.

But this is the best to keep your heaviest spotted tiles in the front of the table. This process of playing will help you to score better whether your round is blocked. You will not end up with the lowest score at the end of the round. A good tactic to play well in Domino’s game is to hold up different suits as many as possible. You need to keep them as long as possible. This will help you to open your options for playing open.

It will also prevent you from passing on a term if you are not able to make a play. You have to always aware to detect the suit value that is missed by the other players while they are being forced to pass on a play. You can also watch them when they draw from a pile. Thus you will know when and how to block them in the game later on.

You need to be conscious and pay close attention to the tiles that you have in your hand and also to the layout that you are playing. If you follow this strategy it will be easy for you to identify and determine the possible tiles that are held by your opponents. When you know this you will be able to block them easily in their upcoming move.

You have to point out and note all the open ends on the layout that you are playing. For instance, if five players are playing points will be scored when the points are counted by the board as equivalent. You have to know the way to evaluate the tiles in your hand and change the layout of the board. You can do this process by figuring out the difference between the value of your tiles and the value of your opponent’s tiles.

For instance, if there is a five and three at each end of the tiles then the board will change the count by the value of two. You have to raise the count of the board by connecting the lower suit to the open end. Or, by combining the lower board count to higher suit to the open end as well.

If you see that the chances of scoring points start to decrease, you have to use blocking strategies as many as possible near the end of a point game. It is important to resist your opponents doing the scores and scoring them for yourself. You need to have control over the board. You have to be aware of looking for the opportunity to push-up the board count whenever it is possible.

Or, you have to bring the score down if you cannot score them. For instance, if there are five participants in a game you need to remember the tiles in your hand which will alter the board scores by a multiple of five. Then you have to play those tiles just after your opponents have made a scoring move. This is the process of presenting the board scoring by multiple of the number of players.

You should not afraid of making the board count lower. In the case of the game of five, there is no issue to lower the board count to a multiple of five as well as to raise it. This is the coolest strategy of playing Domino at its best. You have to also develop your mathematical calculation skills which are very important in the Domino game. When you understand and know the underlying mathematical terms and principles of the game you will be able to determine your chances of choosing the double tiles.

This access will give you the edge in the game. For instance, assume that out of possible fifty-five double-nine domino maybe ten are likely to be the real doubles. These include the blank doubles also. When you will pick a single double the chances of choosing a double tile are approximately 18% or 10/55.

Play Dominoes

How to Play Dominoes

The main objective of playing domino is to earn and generate more score. You have to generate score by throwing the tiles on the table in the most advantageous way. Players have to place the tiles on the table by turn that one face of the domino matches with the open face of other that has been already played.

But some versions of the play are down by the first players who are eligible to put down all of their tiles. The game is skillful and strategic where a part can be also played by whilst luck. It becomes so difficult to beat a player who is strongly experienced and skilled in this game.

DOMINO GAME RULES – STRAIGHT DOMINOES: A version of Domino called straight domino can be played by two to four people. The tiles should be mixed up properly before the players can draw these in their hands. This is done through the process of shuffling. The tiles are thrown to the face down on a flat surface. One of the players moves them carefully around randomly without making any contact with any of the specific tiles. Next, the players draw one domino to determine the player who will play first.

The player will go first who will draw the highest doubles first. If no one draws the double, then the player with the highest scoring domino. Next, each player has to draw a hand of seven tiles, with that player who had done the shuffling drawing last. If tiles are found on the table left face down they must be drawn by the players who are not able to put down anything when their turn comes.

The first player starts by laying the tile face-up that is chosen in the middle of the flat surface or table. The second player has to shuffle his tile that would match the end of the first player’s tile. In some special cases, only this variety of game titles can be joined to all four sides that will create four open lines so that new dominoes can be added thereby.

From this stage of the game, players are allowed to add their tiles to any of the lines according to their wish. If anyone plays double this will be laid perpendicular to the line. Then the pips from both ends will be counted. If a player does not have any domino to play they are also allowed to play any other tile that is unused or un-played.

Points are scored by the players only when in straight dominoes the pips of the exposed ends of the dominoes. It can either end of the line that is visible by five. Thus the score is generated by the players.

The other versions of the game allow getting a score only when the score is divisible by three or there is no restriction. When a player can play his last domino in addition to the points that have been already accrued by him he can score a total of the number of pips of the tiles that remain left in the hands of each player.

The game continues to play until one of the competitors does not reach a preset score which is typically set for 250. In some cases player who had played all the tiles is rewarded victory easily. This can happen when no player gets the chance to play a single tile.

This kind of situation in-game is called ‘Blocked’. The player who gets the smallest number of pips on the tiles that he remains left in hand is called the winner. He will also score the total number of tiles that are also remaining in the hand of their opponent’s player. This is the scoring policy of straight domino.

Domino is a game that has been played for thousands of years and is more than just lining them up and memorizing the sequences. It’s a great game to involve the whole family and enhance your game strategies. Purchasing nice dominoes set is a great investment for many future game nights of domino fun.

There are also some handcrafted wooden dominoes with beautiful brass tile. This game is capable to be played as both indoor and outdoor games. This is also a great gift package for both kids and adults on any occasion. You will also get convenient storage to keep the dominoes safe from being wasted or dir

Benefits of Playing Dominoes

Benefits of Playing Dominoes

Games are always enjoyable. If your need recreation, you may play various games with your friends and family. Dominoes can be one of your choices. This game is well known as the classy games. This game has many benefits. With the updated technology now day computer games are becoming smarter and cleaver.

But it also increases the interactivity within the people who are playing games. Even the bonding between the people is also decreasing day by day. With increasing interactivity, these computer games may be played a lot but they cannot be compared with the traditional game just like the Domino.

Domino Increase Social Contact: Domino is a social game. A group of people can easily play this game. Even two people are also fit to play Domino. When you play Dominoes in a group you must have to participate communally. When all players need to discuss the rules and regulations of this game they need to agree together and also consider each other opinions. You have to also maintain some courtesies such as taking the turn of yourself and also let others take their turn.

You are learning to be a proud winner as well as a gracious loser. You have to praise others for their victory. Thus you learn to clap for other’s achievements and keep yourself happy. When you play this game with your family and friends it makes the bonding strong. You are learning to prioritize your decisions when making the rules of the game.

This game is played with the teams and your turn will come by after. Thus you also know to play better the nest term. Playing in a group with your partner you learn how to take decision together considering ideas of both. The whole process of playing Dominoes with people in a society or the members of a family helps you to interact clearly with each other and know each other better than ever.

Playing Domino Refreshes Body and Mind: You may find the Domino game very time consuming as it is played with a group of people. But when you will play this game with your kids and family members you will be lucky to spend a great time with them. The time spending with family never can be wasted at all. It will also help you to talk to them clearly and also listen to them.

Your children will get a very good time to spend with you. This will make your bonding great and strong. Your family members will also get the opportunity to express their problems and other issues to you. This will make both you and your family members be a relief. Interaction with family is important. If you do not have the time to sit with them and talk to them due to busyness in other work it may hamper your family relation and life.

Playing Dominoes with your kids and family gives you the opportunity of spending quality time. Playing with you your kids learn to think and diagnose situations and take immediate decisions as well. Your family members also get the opportunity to spend time with you and share important issues as well. This makes your relation with them reliable and faithful.

Dominoes Creates and Increases Intelligence: Domino is just not a game; it helps to brainstorm to find out the best way to be a winner. A strategy is a must when you play card games. You have to also know the statistics and the probability of the spots. You have to identify the new methods to be a winner and do something exceptional than other players. It helps you to think differently than others. You need to know the future; not exactly but you have to assume this.

You have to use your intelligence properly to shallow the cards in front of the other players. You have to think bigger and coffer when you are playing Domino with others at a table. Your intelligence is also getting improved by thinking and analyzing the situation of the game and the other player’s activity at the same time.

Domino is played smartly and with sharp thinking. To be a winner you just need to think better and take decisions immediately.

Playing Domino Will Reduce Stress: Playing Domino is not all about to play gambling or the sake of money. You can play this game with your friends and family when you need to spend some quality time with them. To get rid of the boring office time this will provide you recreation and reduce the boredom. Playing Domino you can improve your mental health.

As this game reduces your stress it must help you do so. Playing Domino with your kids makes you happy also. They will learn how to deal in the critical situation mostly when they are facing a losing situation. They are learning from you to accept the failure and prepare for the winner in the next. Being tactical is another benefit that comes from playing Domino. Spending leisure by playing Domino can be one of the best sources of entertainment.

Domino Helps Retentive Memory: Playing Domino is not that much easy. It needs the player’s focus on the game. Players also need to remember the line in order not to be cheated by others in the game. A lot of attention is needed to play this game.

If you lose your attention you may also lose track of playing. You must be so good at simulating your brain when playing. Being active one can retain information even they have a problem of memory loss issue. This game helps you to remember the points and the track that will beneficial for remembering things outside of the game also.

Domino is Tailor Made and Easy to Play: Most card games involve critical and complex strategies to be played. But players can engage the game to be played on their terms when they are challenged by others. The card game is played on a flat surface. This game can be played easily anyplace anywhere.

How to Play Domino Games

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