Double 12 Dominoes Games – How Will You Play?

You can play certain of the more difficult domino games with a set of double 12 dominoes. They sometimes can be used for adding diversity or encouraging more people to play easier games. A Double 12 Dominoes Games set comprises 91 dominoes, with tile numbers between 0 (or blank) and 12. thirteen suits (blank, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) each have thirteen participants are required in a double 12 dominoes set. A double twelve is the “heaviest” domino, the “lightest” domino value is a double-blank.

Double 12 Dominoes Games

Double 12 dominoes game that can be played with

  • Mexican Train
  • Double-Six Domino Games
  • Double-Nine Domino Games
  • Solitaire

Rules to Play Mexican Train with Double 12 Dominoes

It is one of the best variations of Double 12 Dominoes games. The Mexican Train Domino game has begun in the western countries in recent years. It’s played primarily by a double 12 dominoes game set because it’s American. We noticed that a huge number of people were on vacation in the U.S. and practiced or sent to sets by relatives, which made it famous.

 Mexican Train Rules

Player Number: 2-8

Playing Length: 60 minutes

Aged: 12+ Players

A set of twelve (91 tiles) dominoes or 2-4 players may be set with a double set of ninety (55 tiles); a personal score for each player; a double score.

The dollars, poker chips, or colored counters may be markers provided they are all special

Double 12 Dominoes Games

Earlier play

Deal out the bones as follows:

With a set of double 12 dominoes games:

11 tiles each, 7-8 players / 12 tiles each, 5-6 players / 15 tiles each, 2-4 players

The boneyard is formed by remaining tiles.

With a set of double 15:

11 tiles each, 9-12 players / 13 tiles each, 7-8 players / 15 tiles each, 2-6 players

A real domino is a ‘bone’ or ‘tyle.’

A ‘pipe’ is a bone spot, such that twice six have twelve pipes.

The game

This game has two stages: constructing trains and the stage of play.

In both stages, the play turns clockwise.

Building Trains

  • The double 12 dominoes games will be in the middle of the table. That’s the generator. The remainder of the dominoes is shuffled. The first player then produces a train, a matching dominoes chain. The train has to begin with a dozen (so it can be coupled to the engine). The dominoes fit as in a regular domino game, according to their number.
  • Player 1 sets up their whole train from twelve to twelve. The aim is to lay as many tiles as you can to get rid of fewer later on.
  • Since Player 1 has set out all of its trains it is the turn of Player 2 to lay its train. If a player has no twelve in his hand, all of his dominoes must be maintained and the stage must wait. You don’t have a train of your own.
  • So, mostly, if not that all, players are going to create their train, a playground. The trains will lead the player who put them from the engine. This community is named the roundhouse. It’s going to finally be the turn of player 1.


In turn, any player sets a tile to lengthen the trains and attempt to clear his hand.

  • You could take a domino from a boneyard if you can’t go without emptying the boneyard.
  • You have to put a tile if you can play.

The markers are used at this stage. Below are the double marker rules. You have three options if there’s no double marker in play.

  1. Lay your train at the edge. You should pull this tile out of the boneyard and lays it if it fits if you can lay it out of your hand. You put your marker on the end of your train if it doesn’t fit. It opens up for other teams. Take your marker back when the player has laid a domino at the end of your train.
  2. You should sit at the end of the line if it is difficult for you to lie on your train but someone else has their marker.
  3. The Mexican Train can also be started. It must start from a dozen to be linked to the engine. This first domino, you lay only. Since then, the Mexican train is open season, everyone can sit in it anytime. Only one Mexican train is allowed per game, but at any moment in the game, you can start this one Mexican train.

So, you should lay when the game is full:

  • On a train with a personal marker displaying another player.
  • The train in Mexico
  • Your train of your own.

You should place your marker on the train if you can’t go for some reason.

A player who was unable to create a train is trapped without a train in the building trains process. You have to pass before there is a Mexican train or twice a human on the bench. If a dozen of them come from the boneyard, they can launch a Mexican train.


  • If a player sets the double marker at the end of the train.
  • This player should also lay a particular domino. When the boneyard is not open, they will draw. You can lie on the same train you put twice on. The twin marker is omitted in this situation. They can also be placed on every other train; the double marker remains at work.
  • At the back of the line displaying the double marker, there must be the next domino. You could move if you can’t lay against twice. Place your marker at the end of your train as you pass. That whenever a domino is put with the double marker on the train, it returns to the engine before it is required again. Recall:
  • You ought to lie on a double or pass, as long as the double marker is in play.
  • You have to put your marker at the end of your train if you cross a double.
  • If you have more than one double in your Possession, it is possible to bring them on multiple trains, i.e., a 5-5 and a 3-3 and an 8-8, in one turn, to finish with a 5-4. The double marker remains at 8-8 while you do this.
  • Also, against the double you put, you can position your last stone. Therefore, if the last dominoes were an 8-6 on 8-8 there would be no double marker.

The conclusion of the game

You must declare the last domino in your hand. When anyone else sees you have a tile left without revealing it, they will draw you two tiles from the boneyard unless it’s zero. If you walk the loop and nobody knows that you didn’t say, you get away as well and can lay the tile.

The round will end if a player no longer has tiles to play or if the round is blocked.

If this round is played you will play 12 more rounds, then the next start will be the twin 11 and then twice 10 and then the twin zero. A Mexico train game has 13 rounds and you cumulatively scoring.

Going to the target

A player emptying 0 points with their hand. All players are graded with the total number of pipes on the left hands of the dominoes. After 13 rounds, the lowest score wins.

Rules to Play Double-Six Dominoes Games with Double 12 Dominoes

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Required domino set: Usually a double-six set is used, but larger sets will accommodate more players

All Fives is known to be one of the very best domino games by many, a close relative to Muggins and Sniff. It is similar to the Draw Dominoes, except that the purpose of the game is to not only exist but to put up to 5 open ends (or a multiple of five). All in Fives is part of a gaming family known as “point games”


When the dominoes are shuffled, each player draws a single tile to decide who is going first; the lead goes to the heaviest tile (known as the “drawing lots”), which is then returned and reshuffled to stock, and each player pulls tiles to make his or her hand.

Double 12 Dominoes Games

All Fives

7 tiles each     2 players draw

5 tiles each    3 players draw

5 tiles each      4 players draw

The rest of the tiles constitute the boneyard (or ‘stock’) and can be drawn into or deposited as appropriate.

Play Game

First player positions the first domino (as determined by drawing lots). The first tile down should have little worth and must not be twice as high. First double played, though, can be played on all four sides whether it is the original tile or not. The first double is referred to as the spinner. Just two boundaries will bind all subsequent doubles.

The game is on the left (clockwise). An open end to the structure is given by each player, if necessary. If a player cannot run, he or she must take dominoes from the boneyard before he or she can move. The player has to pass if there are no dominoes left.

The goal of the game is to add up to 5 or more 5 open ends of the layout (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). This number of points is earned by the player who makes this ranking.

The 2, 3, or 4 open ends can be open at any moment. If a double is played first, all the points are counted to the sum.

Ending A Hand

A hand ends either by the playing of all of the tiles or by the blocking of the game when the lightest hand wins all the points of the opponent (minus all points in his hand), rounded to the next 5 and divided by 5. The difference between winning players is, for example, 26 (5 +11 + 13 – 3) if the player is 3 points and the opponent’s three points are 5, 11, and 13. This is split by 5 and is rounded up to 25. Therefore, the winner gets a limit of 5 bonus points. Both players keep their points throughout the game, and that only the champion earns the bonus points at the end of a hand.

Winning A Game

A game normally takes place at 100, 200, or something decided before the game starts. A Cribbage board can also generate a realistic scorecard. If you use a Cribbage card, the cumulative point of playing is 5, giving 1, 2, 3, and so forth (5, 10, 15, etc.). Bonus points at the end of your hand remain in maximum worth (in which case they become even more important). The standard games played with a cribbage board are 61.

Rules to Play Double-Nine Dominoes with Double 12 Dominoes


Seven rounds are available for double-six dominoes with Double 12 Dominoes Games. On the top of the score sheet, the scorer writes 0 to 6 and makes a scoring column for each player. The middle is facing both dominoes. To make their hand each player selects 5 random dominoes.

The first turn

The double-6 team plays it in the middle of the field of play. If there is no player with double-6, the next highest player doubles. On one of the four sides of the original tile with six on a free side of the double-6, the first player on the left plays every domino in his hand.

The very next player can play six more on one side before all four sides are full. If a player cannot succeed because he or she does not have a 6 so he or she pulls a domino from the boneyard and then plays it like he has a 6 or calls “Pass” No more plays can be played before the double fill all four sides. After the four sides have filled, you can play any domino in your hand that suits the exposed end of a domino played by the player to the left of the last person to fill the 6. If any uncovered dominoes cannot be matched, the player has to draw a domino from the bone stack and, where necessary, either play it or call “Pass” If there are no dominoes left to draw from, the player only calls “Pass”

Double 12 Dominoes Games

Dominoes Chickenfoot

Whenever a player is playing the same number twice as the double on a domino, the player calls “Chickie (Number)” If a player plays a doubling-4 at the end of the 6-4 domino, for example, they’re going to put the four on the long side and mark “Chickie Fours.’ Before three more 4’s are played against the double 4 no more dominos are played. On the long side opposite the side, three dominos playing against the double-4 are played.

The outcome would be a chicken foot, with one domino on one side and another three dominos on the other side, while the center perpendicular with the other two dominos at 45 degrees perpendicular with the other. Any player without a 4 shall take a domino out of the bone stack and either play the domino whether there is a 4 or call “Pass” The next player will play any domino in their hand on any uncovered end of the matches until all three fours are played. Play plays on until a player is out of the game or the player cannot play a legitimate game.

Ending A Round

And the round is over if one player plays the last domino in his hand or no one is eligible to play a legal game. This will happen if anyone is a chick who doesn’t have three left free dominos to play on it anymore. Each player adds the spots in the hand at the end of a round and scored them. The scorer crosses the round double and starts with the maximum left two in the next round. The player with the lowest score wins after all 7 rounds are played.

Strategy & method

Since the goal of the game is to get the lowest score, you can at the same time stop your opponents’ play of their high-value dominos. To that end, one tactic is to seek to keep uncovered ends of high value hidden, stopping the opponents from using chicks. Another tactic is to horde dominos with a low value and attempts to use a certain number on which you are doubled. When you know that you can’t finish the chickie by playing the chickies at the end of the round, you manage them. This is particularly good if you have the last domino number as well. It is also worth holding the double blank since it gives your score little value. Like poker, you can see who has the big duplication-checking for desperation on the face of your rival.

How to Play Solitaire Dominoes with Double 12 Dominoes Games?

How about playing single, if you don’t have a convenient opposite? A lot of solo domino games are available. They share a vast amount of features in solitaire games, but there are still several special games.

Castle Rock Solitaire

Turn down and shuffle all of the tiles. Put them face-up, into a grid, draw three tiles. If you share a similar number with the first and third tiles, delete the central tile, consolidate the tiles and draw the other tile and position them on the right end of the grid. Repeat process. Repeat process. Sometimes when two tiles share the same number are surrounded by a single tile, delete it. You may either delete the middle one or remove all three tiles in a row that contains the same number. You win as you work around the deck and delete all tiles from the table. The first 3 tiles (3-1, 5-5, and 4-2) did not align, but the fourth tile, the 5-2 tile, suits the 5-5 tile and causes the 4-2 to be discarded. This game is like the “Accordion” card solitaire.

Double 12 Dominoes Games

Solitary concentration

This game is much the same as the game played with cards. It is a basic memory test that does not entail much planning or strategy but is certainly very enjoyable and calming. Basically, simply place all the tiles on the table and turn them around to find matches. Tiles can be set, as you wish, in a grid or random. A pair of tiles that totals 12 points, in this case, is a “match” For eg, a 6-6 plus 0-0 or a 1-3 and a 3-5. Delete all tiles from the table if you turn them over and add up to 12. Continue until all the matches have been identified. Your score is the number of attempts you like.

Double 12 Dominoes Games

Benefits of Playing Double 12 Dominoes Games

Domino numbers such as Double 12 Dominoes Games are easier for players to see domino numbers. If you can guess, the number of dots on any tile is much more difficult to see when domino sets are up to a double 18.

There are the key reasons why a Double 12 dominoes games is selected:

  • Simple for your hand to be set up
  • Easy to display and match dominoes on any table of size
  • Amounting ratings at the end of any game remarkably quicker
  • Numeracy: identification number, calculation, count, supplementation, subsidization, and pattern.
  • Solution of dilemma
  • Sensitive hands-on equipment for treating.
  • Fine motor skills- strengthening physical abilities by handling equipment
  • Attending and managing these steps for the eye and hand

The creation of languages – speak of what they do, exchange thoughts, conversation, and vocabulary in numeracy.

  • A feeling of self-esteem- pride and success
  • Domino play requires a lot of concentration. In order not to be fooled or faults that could cost them their playing, players must remember their lines well and concentrate their attention more.
  • Occasionally it doesn’t matter to play games for gaming or money’s sake. Domino games provide a way to reduce players’ stress and hence to improve mental health.
  • The player must be calculative, logical, knowledgeable, or be a step ahead of his adversary to play domino and emerge the winner. This leads to developing players’ thoughts and calculations
  • Besides, dominoes have a way to create relationships, particularly when it’s played with friends and family. It also shows players how to cope with defeat and the sense that they win.

Currently, there is an option of double-9 domino (Puremco Wild Spinner set) double 12 dominoes, double-15 dominoes, and double-18 dominoes. No maker produces dominoes numbered in any size at this stage, even dominos of professional size. For Mexican Dominoes and Chickenfoot Dominoes, various dominoes are perfect.

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